2 Common Job Interview Mistakes

In this video, Work It Daily’s J.T. O’Donnell helps you avoid two common missteps that interviewees typically make.

First, they are often unprepared to answer behavioral questions—open-ended questions that require the candidate to give a story that reflects on their behavior. What was your most challenging situation with a co-worker at your job?

  • A long-winded answer shows you weren’t prepared
  • Your answers should be succinct, logical and factual
  • You want it to sound like: I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I know what I’m doing

In addition, interviewees frequently fail to make the interview a two-way conversation.

  • The interview can be the beginning of a relationship with someone you’re going to work with
  • Have a conversation—the comfort created will make the interviewer feel much better about you as a potential co-worker
  • Be ready with engaging questions