3 Steps to Minimizing Embarrassment

Understand that embarrassment is actually a healthy reaction to an awkward situation. Realize that an embarrassing moment is not as big a deal to others as it is to you. Once in context, you can undertake additional steps to put the incident in perspective and move forward.

  • Step #1: Force yourself not to be the center of the universe…understand that whatever happened just isn’t that big of a deal
    • Realize the scientific principle that other people don’t notice as many (embarrassing) moments as you think they do
  • Step #2: Don’t apologize, just deal with it
    • The worst thing you can do after drawing attention to yourself, is drawing more attention by apologizing…instead downplay the situation
  • Step #3: Don’t dwell…change the channel
    • There is a big difference between embarrassment and shame
    • If you keep replaying an inopportune moment, the embarrassment can morph into shame and anxiety
    • Replace the incident with a fond memory