It’s clear that what you say during an interview is critical. But, how you act during the interview is also very important. This video focuses on helpful hints on how to enter the room, how to sit, how much eye contact to make, how to gesture, and much more.

You’ve mentally prepared for the interview, now this video provides pointers on how to act.

  • Entrance: keep your handshake short and firm…if more than one interviewer shake hands with each of them…not recommended to use your second hand to ‘cup’ the handshake and avoid turning the hand shake
  • Seating: Sit as far back in the chair as you can …pull your chair into the table and place your hands on the table below…this will help you sit up straight and appear confident
  • Eye contact: too much eye-contact can be off-putting…be natural and don’t stare. Tend to make eye contact with each of your interviewers
  • Gesticulation: it can make seem at ease and shows that you are passionate…moderation is key
  • Nerves: interviewers expect candidates to be nervous, so if you blush don’t worry (if you wear make-up, consider green tint make-up under your foundation)
  • The best cure for nerves is proper preparation