Being a Google Intern

Ever wondered what it’d be like to be an intern at Google? Now you can find out. In this video, you’ll see how to get an internship at Google and what it’s like once you’re there…

  • In the wake of The Internship movie, this news clip discusses the realities of a Google internship
  • Out of more than 40,000 applications, about 1,500 receive internships at Google
    • More difficult than getting into Harvard or Stanford
  • Qualifications: People who…
    • Are smart, creative, leaders
    • Are passionate both in and out of work
    • Care about community and technology
  • Interview process: Applicants who pass the written test do a series of phone and in-person interviews that cover a wide range of questions (“from coding to quirky”)
  • Internship experience:
    • Get hands-on experience
    • Complete a project
    • Receive about $5,800/month in pay