Bringing Calm To The Interview Storm

Career consultant Maggie Mistal provides valuable advice on how to act in an interview and how to handle some difficult questions. For example, putting the interviewer at ease via a casual upfront ice-breaker (even comments about the weather) can be an effective way to turn an interview into a regular conversation.

Career consultant Maggie Mistal provides insights about difficult interview questions:

  • Enter the interview, the first thing you do is…smile…make the interviewer just as at ease as you’re trying to be because at heart the interview can be a conversation…try to find an icebreaker…even the weather…give everyone a chance to take a deep breath
  • Question: Why are you moving on? Even if you’re moving on because you don’t like your boss, you want to focus on what you’re looking to get, e.g., opportunity and growth…not on why you don’t have it now
  • How do handle you’re overqualified? Focus on not needing to be in charge and a willingness to contribute… address the concerns behind the overqualified comment directly.
  • What if you are underqualified? Internships are great…any way to demonstrate some success…references can be helpful, e.g. teacher, professor attesting to your ability to learn quickly and perform well
  • If the company asks about the salary you request: research, make sure you’ve researched, especially on the internet for standards for the position, in your area… find out where you would fit. In contrast, you shouldn’t inquire first…be a superstar and learn whether the company would be a good match…there will be time to discuss salary and benefits.