Career Fairs Needn’t Be Foul

Experienced insiders recommend going to a career fair with a clear plan. Do your research and be clear about how you fit in with a target company. For best results, put your focus on being honest, receptive, confident and relaxed.

Helpful tips from the recruiters themselves…

  • Communicate clearly with lots of energy and enthusiasm
  • Do research beforehand so you can:
    • Come in with a clear plan and know which companies/positions you’re interested in
    • Ask relevant questions
    • Let recruiters know how you’d fit into their company
  • Keep in mind that you should be:
    • Honest – don’t oversell your resume, own up if you don’t know something
    • Receptive – keep an open mind about the job you’re looking for
    • Confident
    • Relaxed – be yourself, show your passions