Complete Guide To A Killer Interview

A Harvard Career Advisor provides practical advice on interviewing from the start to finish – how to prepare beforehand,
what to do during the interview, how to end it, and what to do afterwards. Once you’ve watched this short, yet
comprehensive, guide, you’ll feel ready for just about anything.

Among the basic elements considered:

  • Areas to research before the interview, include: your relevant qualifications and how you meet the employer’s needs; the position; the employer and the industry
  • Prepare short, relevant stories about yourself– practice but keep it conversational
  • Consider and prepare for the kind of interview it will be, which fall into 3 broad types:
    • Behavioral – provide examples of things you’ve done (“tell me about a time when you…”)
    • Technical – solve specific problems
    • Case – often for consulting interviews
  • Considerations for telephone and Skype interviews
    • For phone: Try to use a landline in a quiet, private location
    • For Skype: Test equipment beforehand and remember the optics of your clothing and posture
  • At the end of/after the interview…
    • Establish next steps – ask if necessary
    • Have a closing statement that conveys your interest and why you’re a good fit
    • Send a thank-you note (often via email) within 24-48 hours in which you