Dream About the Ideal Job and Then Plan the Path

Career Coach Maggie Mistal talks about walking away from a job. For some people, “it can take a lot of straws before you break the camel’s back and they actually walk away,” she says, for others quitting a job can be freeing. For those who fear being “a jack of all trades but master of none,” she provides the calming thought that you may be “the perfect type of employee.”

  • When it comes to guidelines, start with finances…if I quit can I pay my bills for even six months?
  • Next, look to your network for guidance in determining the overall state of your industry in terms of job opportunities and the status of your marketable skills …it can be easier to walk away from a job (even without another one hand) if you feel pretty confident about your job opportunities and marketable skills
  • If you don’t have a job the assumption is that you’re “damaged goods” — it can be overcome, but it does make a job search more challenging
  • As you access your contentment, ask yourself: “How do I feel on Sunday night (before a new work week begins)?”
  • If you start to dread going to work, it’s a sign that your time in that job is limited…and consider also that your boss and co-workers know how you feel; that you’re probably not hiding your feelings very well
  • When you’re looking for a job, don’t do it on your current company’s time and resources

This video also provides more insights on such topics as, how to mitigate a surprise lay-off and pursuing your dream career.