Find Your Career Sweet Spot

Jonathan Milligan shows how the intersection of a person’s natural strengths, personality type, and passions provides the sweet spot for both new job searches and career changes.

He uses three interlocking circles to discuss a decision-making path applicable to all age groups, in both the new job and the career-changing context.

  • First, identify your natural strengths, which are often under the radar. These are the things that come easy to you …you can work on these types of activities for hours at a time and still have plenty of energy
  • You can identify when you’re not working in your natural strength when you’re constantly tired, frustrated or drained with your work…it’s depleting you…
  • It’s important to understand your personality type…we often get this wrong because we follow the money…we fake until we make it…this can be frustrating when you try to do something that you’re not
  • The last circle represents our passions or interests…think about walking into a bookstore…what sections do you naturally gravitate to…?
  • When you put all into play, you’ll find your sweet spot