Getting LinkedIn to a New Job

Here’s how to better tap into LinkedIn’s network in finding a new job. The real power of LinkedIn is in the “2nd degree” as this potentially vast group could be more open to your inquiries.

LinkedIn provides more guidance than initially meets the eye:

  • Step #1: Determine the type of job you want. Have a detailed profile and add your connections.
  • Step #2: Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search function and enter the details from the prior Step, e.g. company name, location and title of the person with hiring power, e.g. Sales Director for an Account Manager position
    • The search will initially show persons in your 1st degree; these individuals are in the best position to help you as you can approach them directly
    • Since you’ve likely already considered or reached out to people in your 1st degree, check the next degree because the real power of networking is in the 2nd degree
  • Step #3: Ask your 1st degree contact to reach out to the 2nd degree, preferably by email…as the 2nd degree contact is receiving this from a person he already trusts, he will be more open for conversation
    • Once you’ve made contact, ask if they’d be willing to give you advice (not necessarily a job)–this not only takes the pressure off the 2nd degree person you’re approaching, but they also may have contact with a job that may even be more interesting to you