Interview Tips from Start to Finish

From preparation to apparel to handshake to questions to closing, an interview can be broken down into several critical component parts. Success hinges on your accomplishing a connection on many levels.

  • What to wear (men’s and women’s) edition
  • Handshakes are all a matter of degree…don’t give a limp or bone-crushing…do give a firm handshake…also don’t forget to make eye contact and smile
  • “Tell me about yourself?
    • Not a license to tell your life story
    • Give a concise summary of your career, abilities and goals
  • What is greatest weakness?
    • Avoid personality or character flaws
    • Focus on areas that can be improved upon
  • Inappropriate questions, such as age, marital status and plans to have children
  • Additional takeaways
    • Stand up and greet your interviewer
    • Don’t wear too much cologne or perfume
    • Bring a copy of your resume
    • Ask for the interviewer’s business card
    • Turn off your cellphone