Key Points in Planning Your Career’s Second Act

Maggie Mistal guides the journey for mid-life career changes. She focuses on the factors to consider when negotiating a buy-out package, available resources for finding a new job, and many other useful tips.

  • Whether or not to take a buy-out package depends on if you feel ready for a change and how the buy-out fits with your finances
  • Negotiating a buy-out package depends on if it’s a mass or individual buy-out…
    • For mass buy-outs, there may be little room for negotiating but it never hurts to ask
    • For individual buy-outs, negotiate to get your best deal
  • Resources to find a new job:
    • Government, especially for mass layoffs
    • SBA for entrepreneurs
    • The company itself, e.g., out placement resources
  • It’s never too late to make a career change but need to do it smartly, e.g.:
    • Buy a franchise
    • Look for companies that want to hire seniors since they tend to be more reliable, experienced, willing to mentor, etc.
      • Check out AARP’s list and seniors for hire website

Should talk to an employment attorney if you feel you’re the victim of ageism.