AARP focuses on the value of networking and how to best accomplish it. Everywhere you go and everyone you meet present networking opportunities. A key take: Don’t ask for a job, ask for advice.

Make sure you don’t limit the scope of your networking, including:

  • Networking can open up opportunities you may not know about otherwise
    • Even if someone isn’t in your field, they may uncover an opportunity
  • Make two lists of people – professional and personal
    • Professional – colleagues, business associates, acquaintances, people in the news
    • Personal – friends, neighbors, relatives, community people, past schoolmates
  • Let people on the lists know the type of job you’re looking for, your skills, your experiences
    • “Elevator speech” – I am, I want to, I can
    • Always have business cards with you that provide contact info and a brief description of your skills and qualifications
  • Join groups, e.g.:
    • A local job support group/club – can share tips and resources
    • Online networks like LinkedIn and Facebook