So You Want Your Employees to Become More Engaged

Genuine employee engagement, which goes way beyond simple job satisfaction, is closely associated with company success. Brian Kelleher defines employee engagement and provides insight as to how to best achieve it.

There’s a critical distinction between employee satisfaction and actual engagement. Engagement envisions a team atmosphere and a mutual commitment to success.

  • Employee satisfaction vs. employee engagement
    • Satisfaction:  doing my job, making me successful, personal commitment
    • Engagement:  doing my job above and beyond, making me and the company successful, mutual commitment
  • Employee engagement = “unlocking employee potential to drive high performance resulting in the capture of discretionary effort”
    • Significant statistics support the value and productivity of having engaged employees
  • The #1 way to boost engagement is trust in management, which can be built in 3 ways:
    • Care about employees
    • Have integrity
    • Demonstrate competence
  • “Engaged employers encourage creativity and innovation, not policies and procedures”