Although you feel certain that you need a career change, you may actually just need a job change. As Linda Spencer notes, when considering a career change, you may be surprised to learn just how important your transferable skills are.

In this commentary, Linda Spencer, the assistant director and coordinator of career advising at Harvard Extension School, sets out several insights in assisting a job transition.

  • Take stock…why do you want this career change? What’s going to get you up on a Monday morning and get you excited? Maybe you don’t need a career change…you need a job change…
  • It’s important to undertake a thorough self-assessment to determine the skills you have…especially those that may be transferable
  • Establish an organized action plan with goals…what functional role do you want and where?
  • Research…conduct informational meetings with people who are currently doing the jobs you think you want
  • Filling the gaps…you may need additional education…consider an internship…or an internal move within your current position
  • Market yourself…probably you’ll have to revamp your resume and highlight your transferable skills.  You cannot do enough networking
  • Reality check, understanding the pros and cons of making a change. Will you have to take an entry position…or a pay cut?

Remember, if you’re ready for this career change it’s probably because something is not working in your life…so a career change can be exciting, it can be wonderful…it can be invigorating.