That’s Fast: First Impressions Are Made in an Instant

First impressions are undoubtedly critical to your overall opinion about a person. But, do you realize that you likely developed that impression almost instantaneously? According to Nicholas Boothman, it takes all of TWO seconds to determine if you like someone on initial encounter. Thus, those first seconds are precious in dictating aspects success or failure…

Nicholas Boothman presents his perspective on first impressions.

  • It takes two seconds to decide if you like someone the first time you meet them
    • Tend to interpret traits positively in people you like and negatively in people you dislike
  • People use their five senses and then use language to put senses into words and explain to others
  • What you see in an encounter is the most important
    • 55% of face-to-face communication comes from what you see, 38% from tone, and 7% from words
  • Attitude at the beginning of an encounter dictates success or failure