At the interview’s end, the stage is set for the candidate to turn the tables and ask the interviewer some questions.  In this video, Aimee Bateman gives you some ideas for questions to ask; questions that she believes will impress the recruiters.

  • Tell me what type of people are successful here? Tell me what type of individuals succeed within this business? (In this way, you’re indicating that you recognize that other factors besides job requirements are in play and with this information you can reaffirm that you share these qualities)
  • What types of challenges do you think the business will face in the next ___ (upcoming) years? (By researching in advance, you can come with answers and demonstrate that you can be part of the solution going forward)
  • What do you love most about working here? What do you enjoy most about your job? (People like talking about themselves and if you show that you’re genuinely interested in them, they’ll reciprocate—an interviewer may ultimately forget some of your answers, but will remember your genuine interest)

Bateman doesn’t like: Have I given you any reason in this interview for you to think that I am not suitable for this job? It can put the interviewer on the defense and dramatically undercut rapport. “I’m not saying don’t ask it, but think about it,” she says of the frequently recommended question