What Are Your Salary Expectations?

It’s not easy being asked about salary…or essentially what you think you’re worth. Aimee Bateman guides with multiple approaches, initially focusing on deflecting this tough question back on the interviewer. But, regardless of which response is most comfortable, be upbeat as tone and body language may prove more impactful than the words themselves. In the interview situation where salary has not been specified or perhaps the only parameter you’re aware of is that the salary will be “competitive…depending on your experience” how should you answer the question: “What are your salary expectations?”

Some of her tips include:

  • If the recruiter asks, be as honest as possible as this will bear on the appropriate incentive for your delivering your best work product
  • To avoid competing against yourself…or giving too high or low a figure, try to deflect the question back to the employer
  • Key moment (1:30): You can say something like: “I’m really open and flexible on salary, the opportunity to be valued and add value to the company is my priority. I’d love to know how you value the position and what budget you put on this role…”
  • In the alternative, you can be more direct and say that you’d rather not commit to a figure at this stage and ask what is budgeted for the role…again be upbeat in responding
  • If the interviewer persists in asking for a figure, don’t deflect more than once or twice and be prepared to give a figure or a salary range that you’re comfortable with