What Can You Do For Us That No One Else Can?

Regardless of the exact formulation of your answer, you should convey that your skills and experience make you uniquely qualified for the job. And, this should be presented in a genuine, non-rehearsed way. A tall order but this will help you do it!

  • This is an opportune question in that it gives you a great chance to stand out among the applicants
  • Make sure that you mention that you have the skills, the training, the experience that are required to do the job and how they are going to benefit the company by having you rather than someone else
  • You can say: I’m a well-rounded individual with a unique blend of skills…past training and job experiences have allowed me take on complete projects and assignments of high importance and increasing difficulty, while on time and under budget and now I want to be part of your team and solving problems for you
  • Don’t memorize the answer but get a feeling for the language and substitute your own words
  • Another formulation also focuses on your unique blend of experience, problem solving and people skills differentiates you from most other candidates…motivated, disciplined and focused and willing to do whatever it takes to get eh job done…
  • You can also use a specific example of using a specific skill in the past to achieve a desired result…especially using a customer situation