Dr. Brian Moffitt explains that by identifying your boss’s specific type of (bad) behavior you can better understand and cope with the fall-out. For example, recognizing that a “wimpy” boss who tries to please everyone may inevitably be indecisive and risk adverse can help you thrive in an otherwise restrictive environment.

  • Here are some interesting perspectives on identifying bad boss behavior.
  • Moody boss – unpredictable and unapproachable, which can lead to loss of valuable information
  • Negative boss – focuses on problems/errors and doesn’t praise, which can crush enthusiasm
  • Paranoid boss – afraid others will make mistakes, outshine them, or steal credit, which can lead to micro-managing
  • Wimpy boss – tries to maintain approval from everyone, which leads to being indecisive and risk-averse and results in inhibiting innovation and growth
  • Selfish boss – self-serving, manipulative, take credit for others’ work