Don Georgevich, author of the “Complete Interview Answer Guide,” warns that there are no right answers to this question, only wrong ones. He suggests that more effective replies convey interest in advancement and increased opportunities.

  • Keep you answer short and avoid being dishonest with your answer
  • There are a few reasons why people want to leave their job and surprisingly money does not rank up at the top of the list
  • Many common reasons, including not getting along with your manager or co-workers, not being excited about the job, money, being reprimanded, being emotionally drained, are not effective answers and will probably not get you the job
  • Avoid negativity even if true…and avoid sarcasm

His suggestions include: I really have enjoyed working at the present job, but I’m looking for more responsibility with
new and fresh challenges. Also, advancement opportunities are scarce at my current position.

The video provides several other user-friendly ideas for this classic interview inquiry.